This is a message to anyone who ever believed they could be something great. It’s an invitation to all who want to build a better world. We can give you skills, and a mission to use them. We can give you experiences you’ll never forget. And best of all? Join us and for the rest of your life you’ll be able to look back and say you raised your hand to serve. You said yes when your community and country needed you. We believe you will rise to the challenge.



Training Overview

There are great things in your future. A new career is around the corner. A college degree is within your grasp. Adventure is required. And service comes standard, because the Army National Guard starts paying you on day one, even for training. In the Guard, you get paid to learn your new job skills. Plus, your first few promotions are automatic. As your experience grows, so will your paycheck.

With over 130 different jobs, you're sure to find a career that fits. From high-tech jobs like computer engineering to practical trade skills like construction, or even jobs where you get to blow stuff up, we have a place just for you.

A Year in Review

A look back at some of the events of the Oregon National Guard during training

Mentorship for Minorities

National Guard's Parole In Place Program


Noncitizen spouses, parents, and unmarried minor children of U.S. citizen members of
the U.S. military (current or past) who are in the U.S. after an unlawful entry may have a
path to a U.S. green card that is not available to others.

Learn about

The Guard For A Day (GFAD) program

The Guard For A Day Program

The Guard For A Day (GFAD) program is a great opportunity for potential recruits or individuals who are interested in learning about what the Oregon Army National Guard does. As a GFAD, you will come out and train alongside new Soldiers. You will be able to participate in all the training events so you can experience first-hand what it is like to be a Soldier as well as see if you have what it takes to become a part of our great organization...

A New You

We Are The Guard

Civilian in Peace, Soldier in War...of security and honor for three centuries I have been the custodian...I am the Guard!

Do I Have What It Takes?

The Oregon Army National Guard is in the top 20 largest organizations in the state of Oregon. However, it is increasingly difficult to be eligible. In fact, only one in five individuals are even qualified for entrance in to our organization. Of that 20% of the population roughly 3% have the intestinal fortitude to join. In order to pre-qualify for the Oregon National Guard you must meet the following requirements:

You're between 17 - 34
A U.S. Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident
Meet certain medical criteria
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Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

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